Sanya Usher in the Era of Smart Mass Tourism with the City-level Public Wireless Network “i-Sanya”

2016-10-15 Posted by:admin Categor:News of the group
Recently, Mr. Li Keqiang, a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and premier of the State Council, visited Sanya and Qionghai for an inspection. Premier Li Keqiang visited Sanya Public Tourist Center, Sanya Tourism Dispatch Center, and Bo’ao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone. He stressed that “the tourism industry is not just a service industry but a comprehensive industry, and that in the new economy the modern tourism industry can drive the development of the primary and secondary industries”. Premier Li Keqiang’s words can be interpreted as a signal of the upcoming “era of mass tourism”.

 (Premier Li Keqiang experiencing tourist services via “i-Sanya” at Sanya Citizens and Tourist Center)

 “Tourism is a large industry!” said Premier Li when inspecting  Sanya. He pointed out that in the international tourism island of Hainan, the tourism industry should be treated as more than just a service industry. At Sanya Citizens and Tourist Center, Premier Li learned about the development of tourism and logged on to WeChat to experience how consulting services are provided for tourists via big data. In Sanya’s public areas, citizens and tourists can enjoy free high-speed wireless Internet access via a Wi-Fi hotspot called “i-Sanya”, which just requires simple authentication. Tourists from other places can easily search for attractions, restaurants and hotels at any time. It is also very convenient for local people in accessing the Internet to check on the book sales chart, view a list of recommended books, and select the books they want to read.

 (Premier Li Keqiang visiting Hainan Creative Tourist Souvenirs Exhibition at Sanya Citizens and Tourist Center)

In the mobile Internet era, wireless Internet access has become a part of the necessary infrastructure for urban and industrial transformation, and the provision of free Wi-Fi is a practical and beneficial measure in smart city strategies. The full coverage of free Wi-Fi has become an important starting point in the comprehensive smart city construction of many cities. As an internationally renowned tourist city, Sanya needs to establish a high-speed and stable, safe and unified, and easy-to-use municipal wireless network to improve the tourist experience and taste of the city. As early as 2014, Sanya started to construct the Sanya public Wi-Fi network (i-Sanya). In early 2015, the project was included in Sanya’s “Top 10 People-Benefiting Priority Projects.” The project was initiated by the municipal government, co-funded by China’s smart new economy leader RECON and Beijing Chengyun Investment Co., Ltd., and was constructed by China’s strongest smart city constructor and practitioner, Teamax Technology.

(Premier Li Keqiang listening to the latest tourism development information in Sanya via the “Sanya in Figures” big data platform)
As the journalist learned, the “i-Sanya” network can achieve seamless connection between hotspots via cloud-based devices, thus reducing disconnections when people are out walking. It currently supports authentication via WeChat, mobile phones and QQ. Once authenticated, the user can enjoy free Wi-Fi seamlessly throughout Sanya, saving people from the trouble of re-connection and re-authentication in different areas. In addition, when the user logs onto “i-Sanya,” the unified information service platform based on Wi-Fi access can provide the user with practical information on official formalities, Government notices, high-quality tourism products, comprehensive health counseling, and other business and tourism matters, thus improving governmental departments’ tourism management capacity. Through the unified, professional city-level Wi-Fi, “I-Sanya” has improved the life and travelling experience of citizens and tourists. With its coverage constantly expanding, “I-Sanya” will continue to promote Sanya’s smart tourism city construction.
Starting in 2013, many domestic cities have implemented smart city investment, operation, and construction, and many cities have enjoyed the changes and convenience brought about by smart city construction. This signals a prelude to exploring the new economy industry. In 2015, via the investment, operation, and implementation by RECON, Chengyun Investment and Teamax Technology, Sanya and many other tourist cities in south China have successively established free high-speed Wi-Fi networks, laying a solid foundation for local smart tourism and smart city construction, and marking the first essential step on the smart city strategy.
In 2016, Sanya and many other southern tourist cities are going to expand their wireless network coverage so that it becomes a larger network. On top of providing tourists and citizens with tourism information, government notices and other information, it will better connect with 12301, 12345, and other systems to form a smart tourism big data platform. By then, tourists and citizens will be able to quickly communicate with regulatory departments, improving their living and tourism experience. As free high-speed wireless network service becomes available to more residents and tourists, the cities will be built into real Internet+tourism smart cities.
It is reported that the smart tourism platforms in these southern cities are mainly constructed along the PPP cooperation model. They are co-funded by local governments, RECON Group, and Chengyun Investment, and implemented and constructed by Teamax Technology Group. Currently being promoted all over the country, this investment and operation model will become a trend in boosting new regional economies, drive the upgrade of traditional momentum and facilitate the healthy development of the new economy.