Finance and Capital

The RECON Capital segment's services include Private Equity, Public Offering of Funds, alternative asset management, Investment and Wealth management, E-payment, Commercial loans and leases, Securities and Insurance.

RECON's investment philosophy can be summarized in two points: invest the technical and other resource that can help build and upgrade the whole industry chain or ecosystem; invest the sectors with global resource that can benefit from the growth of China market.

RECON’s investments focus on the above five industries RECON segments cover around the world in established and growth-oriented businesses alike. Its unique approach helps its portfolio companies to identify their potential, grow core businesses, concentrate in main competence, launch new initiatives, make transformative acquisitions and upgrade technologies and systems to become one important part of the whole industry chain or ecosystem.  

By 2015,the Private Equity sector manages more than 110 Billion RMB assets and six M &A funds over 50 Billion RMB.

RECON owns two significant wealth management firms with 1200 professionals and experts. By providing the unique value in a way other competitors can't, large institution investors, wealth families and individuals all turn to wealth management group for insights and solutions. RECON also acquired a securities company in Hongkong and run an insurance company in China.

RECON capital is shaping a better world by providing capital, expertise and resources for a new wisdom global economy.