Chairman’s Message

The history of RECON Group could date back to 1963, when Prof. Charles Harris (who later became my doctoral mentor) and seven other prestigious academic leaders from various disciplines at Harvard University founded Resource Consulting Global Service. Resource Consulting Global Service aims to create a better environment for the world and provide smart programs for the remodeling and reconstruction of resources. In other words, it is committed to building a healthier living environment for human beings with smart ideas and technologies. This is how RECON Group got its brand name. For half a century, RECON has always adhered to this firm belief and original intention in its development.

The past 30 years has witnessed a rapid economic developmentin China. In the new era, with China’s rise representing a general trend, the process of integrating RECON’s values into the exploration of China’s traditional cultural ethics has given RECON new missions and goals. Riding the tide and adhering to “capital-driven industrial development and technology-based economic progress”, RECON has developed into a comprehensive industrial capital group covering six complete industrial platforms, namely IT infranstructure and smart city service, agriculture and healthcare , logistics, clean energy and smart transportation, sports, entertainment and tourism, engineering and design, finance and capital.

We hope to promote the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation with our global vision and values; we hope to develop an intelligent system of thought to influence and boost the popularization and dissemination of Chinese culture; we hope to promote practice in China’s rise, exploit more industrial and economic fields, and establish matchable enterprises with international influence. RECON’s vision is to become the theoretical finisher and technological practitioner of the second economy (smart economy) industry. We are committed to building a smart economic and industrial ecology, constructing the new economic ecosystem from smart production to a smart life with “smart+” technology and ideas, and becoming a new-economy enterprise leading the industrial development of the second economy (smart economy).

A man with a dream has great determination. A man with wisdom has a big heart. We are going to follow our hearts even in the face of great difficulties. We are going to sail against the currents even with just a small boat. Our home is where the heart lies.