RECON’s Chairman of the Board, Dr. Xia Jiantong, and National Think Tank Expert, Hu Zhengyuan, Discuss Smart New Economy

2016-10-13 Posted by:admin Categor:News of the group
Recently, Mr. Xia Jiantong, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of RECON, and a Doctor of Design from Harvard University, had a discussion with Dr. Hu Zhengyuan on smart city construction, the financial credit system construction, the agriculture and general health industry and other topics. Dr. Hu Zhengyuan is a national think tank expert, Director of Innovation and Director of Regional Commission for China Committee on Strategic Promotion of Constructing an Innovation-Oriented Country. They also explored modes of cooperation in agriculture and health, smart cities, smart transportation, and other industrial areas.
Dr. Xia Jiantong introduced RECON’s business profile, saying that RECON is a practitioner of the second economy (smart economy) industry that is committed to building a new economic ecosystem from smart production to smart life with “Smart+” technologies and ideas. To date, RECON has established six complete industrial platforms, covering smart cites and information industry, smart agriculture and health, smart transportation with logistics and new energy, smart tourism and culture, design and engineering, and innovative finance. RECON has expanded its business all over the world through its 22 independent companies, covering more than 500 cities and one third of the urban population in China. It has cumulatively completed more than 5,000 large and medium projects, including the new city planning and smart city construction of more than 400 cities. Equipped with modern technology, RECON is exploring a sustainable industrial and economic development model whileleading the global development trend of the second economy (smart economy), said Dr. Xia Jiantong.

 (Dr. Xia Jiantong and Dr. Hu Zhengyuan discussing smart new economy)
After Dr. Xia Jiantong’s introduction, Dr. Hu Zhengyuan offered advice to RECON on the business development of smart agriculture and general health, smart cities, and the new energy-driven smart transportation sector. He said that RECON currently needs to enhance effective resource integration, and try to bring design utility for the country and people up to the national level. He suggested that RECON strengthen its listed companies in Jiangxi and Hubei, seek breakthroughs and innovation in public and smart transportation, and create new highlights for national industrial development. Speaking of the agriculture and general health industry, Dr. Hu Zhengyuan said that the central government is extremely concerned about agricultural development. From the field to the stomach, general health is closely related to people’s livelihood and welfare, so enterprises should broaden their horizons and plan ahead to ensure food safety. Enterprises should develop a model to help farmers accumulate wealth, and the state encourages listed companies to take the lead in exploration. RECON, as a large industrial capital group highly influential on the international and Chinese markets, should leverage its advantages of capital + production capacity, set an example in the country, and shoulder greater social responsibility.
Dr. Hu Zhengyuan is the first advocate of the “Belt and Road” initiative and a representative of China’s highest think tank. According to Dr. Hu, the “Belt and Road” initiative indicates that China will play a new role on the world stage, which requires us to make concerted efforts internally and externally to achieve “Chinese Force” that will drive the era forward. Therefore, more enterprises like RECON and more entrepreneurs with international vision should join forces to facilitate the realization of “Chinese Dream” and “Strong National Dream.”