2015 RECON Group Top Ten Events News Summary

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RECON Group Headquarters Settled in Beijing CBD
In January 2015, in order to better accommodate its strategic goal of becoming a global industrial and financial resources management enterprise, RECON Group moved its headquarters to Beijing CBD. RECON is committed to building a new- economy ecosystem from smart production to smart life with “Smart+” technology and ideas. Relying on one basic platform (the smart big data platform) and two supporting platforms (the new energy technology-driven smart transportation and logistics system and the innovative financial platform) as its core competitiveness, RECON constantly integrates, transforms, and upgrades its traditional industries with smart ideas and technology to promote the implementation of the “1+2+N” smart economy ecosystem.

 (Logo of RECON Group)
RECON’s Innovational Financial Sector Enhances Presence at Home and Abroad
In December 2015, RECON’s proposal to incorporate a property insurance company with RECON itself as a major shareholder was officially approved by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission. So far, RECON’s financial sector has completed its domestic layout, covering insurance, financial leasing, factoring, wealth and asset management, private and public fund sales, third-party payment, and internet banking. Meanwhile, RECON is successively acquiring or buying the shares of banking institutions in the United States and Europe. In Hong Kong, RECON has acquired securities and asset management service companies holding Class 1, 2, 4, 6, and 9 licenses. Through these efforts, RECON continues to promote the strategic plan of connecting global assets and capital with the Chinese market.
Lotus MSG Renamed Lotus Health, the March towards Smart Agriculture and General Health
Since RECON held its shares in 2014, Lotus has changed dramatically from its culture and strategy to its management, and began to achieve an operating profit in the 4th quarter of 2015. The Lotus brand was evaluated at RMB 5.596 billion, the highest record ever, ranking 385th among the Top 500 Most Valuable Chinese Brands. In November 2015, the A-share listed company, Lotus MSG (600186), released a public notice, announcing that it had officially changed its name to “Lotus Health Industry Holding Group Company” and would march in full gear into the smart agriculture and general health industry in the next five years. While maintaining its traditional advantages in the amino acid fermentation technology and condiments production, Lotus will strive to build the smart agriculture industry chain and the general health industry ecosystem centered on seven areas, namely the source of health products, the food safety and nutrition detection management system, the land and plant nutrition ecosystem, the integrated smart agricultural production system, the innovative agricultural finance, the C2B nutritional and healthy products platform, and the integrated health service system.

 (New logo of Lotus Health)

The 2015 (12th) Top 500 Most Valuable Chinese Brands released:
Lotus is the only brand in the MSG industry to be included on the list
Ranked 385th
With its brand value estimated at RMB 5,596 billion

 (Lotus on the list of Top 500 Most Valuable China Brands)

 (Lotus launches crisp lotus roots, cold dish condiments and other new products)
A-Share Listed Company Softto (000662) Enters Capital Market by Acquisition of Teamax
On November 6, 2015, the China Securities Regulatory Commission officially approved the acquisition of RECON’s Teamax Technology Group by the A-share listed company, Softto (000662), marking the transformation of Softto (000662) from a traditional listed daily chemical company into a listed company focused on smart city planning and construction. As China’s leading smart city technology and integration service provider, Teamax participated in the development of China’s digital city management system and the preparation of the technical standards for smart city construction. In addition, Teamax completed the construction of digital city management systems for several hundred cities across the country. In 2015, Teamax completed the planning and construction of “1+N” smart city system based on the city big data sharing platform in more than ten domestic cities. It has developed a practicable smart city construction and operation model, which is gradually applied in major domestic cities.

 (The system interface of the Nanchong smart city project constructed by Teamax)

 (Li Bingjun, member of the Jiangxi Provincial Committee and secretary of the Ganzhou Municipal Committee, inspecting the Teamax-constructed smart city project in Nankang district of Ganzhou)
From technology to products to management: RECON builds a new energy-driven smart transportation industry system
In 2015, RECON’s industrial buyout funds department made a series of moves in the new energy-driven smart transportation industry. It acquired and bought shares of a number of companies, including long-haul passenger transportation operators, logistics companies, car networking service companies, automobile manufacturers, new energy battery manufacturers, new energy vehicle parts manufacturers, and charging station production and service companies. Meanwhile, Teamax’s cross-industry, system-wide integrated smart transportation solution, which is based on the city big data operating platform, is on trial in several cities. The solution aims to change the traditional passive and lagging transportation management mode, and explore the smart and dynamic “supply-side” deployment of transportation resources so as to provide a fundamental solution to transportation problems.

 (The new energy industry’s important “entry” platform: smart charging piles)
RECON’s smart city sector and engineering&design sector carry out PPP project cooperation nationwide with strategic partners
On November 30, 2015, as RECON’s smart city construction enterprise, Teamax Technology Group signed a strategic cooperative agreement in Beijing for PPP-based smart city investment projects with China PPP Institute, the national new high-end think tank, Zhongcai Jiacheng Group, the only enterprise subordinate to the Ministry of Finance’s, and Beijing Chengyun Investment Co., Ltd., a large Chinese institutional investor devoted to the investment and operation of smart cities.
As an effective measure taken by the government to ensure steady growth, adjust structure, promote reform, and improve people’s livelihood, PPP (cooperation between the government and social capital) will be an important subject matter in the Chinese government’s implementation of the 13th Five-Year Plan.
Previously, Teamax carried out pilot cooperation with several cities such as Anshun of Guizhou, Ganzhou of Jiangxi, and Deyang of Sichuan in smart city investment and construction, urban infrastructure construction and other projects, and has achieved good results.

 (Zhongcai Jiangcheng Group, RECON Group, and Chengyun Investment signing a tripartite strategic cooperative agreement on smart city and PPP projects)
RECON’s Industrial Buyout Funds Make Great Breakthrough
In 2015, RECON Group set up seven equity investment funds of varying scales in industries such as the smart city and information industry, the new energy and smart transportation and logistics industry, the innovative financial industry, the agriculture and general health industry, and the smart tourism industry. Besides, RECON joined hands with the Beijing Municipal Government, Zhejiang Provincial Government, and other provincial and municipal governments in setting up three government-guided funds and industrial funds. RECON’s industrial buyout funds have established solid strategic partnerships with more than a dozen banks, trust funds, securities companies, insurance companies, and other financial institutions. Centered on acquisitions and reorganization, equity investment, and venture incubation and investment in industrial enterprises related to RECON’s strategic layout, the industrial buyout funds help enterprises with upgrades and resource integration, and assists RECON in improving and transforming the industrial ecosystem.
Smart Tourism Pilot Model Draws Attention
RECON’s Wentu Tourism Services Company has established long-term relationships with Hainan, Yunnan, Guizhou and other places for tourism resource operations and management services. In particular, i-Sanya, the Sanya smart tourism project in which RECON invested, attracted much public attention.Based on high-speed and stable, safe and unified, convenient and easy-to-use urban wireless network, ISANYA will achieve Wi-Fi coverage of the whole city, enhancing the tourism experience and the city image while exploring sustainable patterns for smart tourism operations.
RECON Promotes Global Business and Resources Allocation and Establishes Multifaceted Cooperative Relationships
In 2015, RECON completed its global business expansion by acquisitions and collaboration in the fields of agriculture, food, financial institutions, and the information industry in Europe, Australia, the United States and Hong Kong. RECON established comprehensive strategic partnerships with the legendary Wang Yung-Ching family business and First International Computer (FIC) in Taiwan,, a famous Swiss spatial information and spaceflight enterprise, established an agricultural and food buyout and cooperative fund with Greens Food of Australia and other investment institutions, and collaborated with the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Agriculture and other departments in leasing and acquiring land in Kazakhstan, Ukraine and other countries. These moves had a positive impact on RECON’s business development and resource sharing in Europe, the United States, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao.

(RECON’s current overseas business layout)

(RECON establishes a partnership with First International Computer in Taiwan)

 (At Fine Food Australia)
RECON Establishes Regional Operating Headquarters and Bases in Over 20 Provinces and cities
In 2015, RECON’s management investigated more than twenty provinces and cities, and signed strategic cooperative agreements concerning different areas with governments at all levels in Beijing, Tianjin, Zhejiang, Yunnan, Guizhou, Hainan, Sichuan, Xinjiang, Jilin, and Henan. Besides, RECON set up regional operating centersand province-level companies in a number of provinces andcities, which are responsible for the integrated management and coordination of RECON’s various business sectors. These operating centers and companies will implement RECON’s business localization strategy while promoting the resource sharing economic model.

 (RECON Chairman Xia Jiantong inspecting a project in Dali)

 (RECON Chairman Xia Jiantong on a tour of investigation in Hebi of Henan Province)